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asking is leaving
(Angelic Studios Northamptonshire, UK)

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Who am I?

I'm boudwin. I have a degenerative eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.

After years of hope, injections, surgeries, and pills... the disease still rapidly robs me of my sight.

There is no cure. I am going blind.

Putting a timetable on something like your sight gives an interesting perspective on a lot of things. That's one reason I started writing songs.

As a singer / songwriter I scored big and got to collaborate with my all time favorite singer / songwriter / multi-award winning, multi-platinum certified artist and producer JR Richards (the original voice and songwriter behind Dishwalla).

"ever dimming room" is my debut album. It was recorded at Reid-Richards Productions in Oxford, UK, and it is made up of powerful melodies and lyrics. It's not often that a rock album becomes an experience, but if you put on a set of headphones and listen to it front-to-back, I think you'll be surprised.

The music video to "ever dimming room" opens a window usually kept shut, into my continuous struggle to keep seeing my children "one more time." Masterfully directed by award winning director Min Reid, and filmed entirely on location in Oxfordshire, UK. Min chose to feature my daughter throughout the film. It adds power to the film that could not be had another way. Any emotion you see is real, because this is what reality is for us. This is my acceptance of it. It is sad, sometimes. But allowing ourselves to fully feel emotions like sadness, loss, or grief can give us power over them. I share this in the hopes that you, as the viewer / my friends and family, can identify with some of the feelings here, and experience something beautiful.

I keep watching, and will until it can only be a picture in my mind. I hope it is enough... because it has to be. One more time.

I am humbled to share my music and a part of my life with you.